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In the Arava

A little bit hotter, and a little bit drier, but all in all, it’s amazing how much the lower Arava looks like El Paso. The Mountains of Edom live up to their name, and even in the heat of the day are tinged with red. At sunset, looking frome the west, they are on fire….just like the Franklins.

Topography and color aren’t all that recall El Paso. Like El Paso, the Arava is la frontera, with the Israeli-Jordanian border running through the valley from the southern tip of the Dead Sea all the way to the twin cities of Eilat/Aqaba. It is an economically depressed part of the country, though here the government attempts to ameliorate those conditions with incentives rather than making things worse with regressive policy. Life is a bit slower than in the interior.

A day among Jews, and the people that love us…

Yesterday was another great day for our group: busy, challenging, and emotion-filled. First, the journal:

  • 8:15 am departure from the Dan Tel Aviv hotel, heading north along the coast.
  • 9:30 am arrival in Caesaria
  • 12 pm departure for Sadjur, a Druze village in the Galil
  • 1:30 lunch in Sadjur and a visit to the home of Ra’id Abraham.
  • 2:30 departure for Tz’fat
  • 3:30 a visit to the Meiron absorption center to learn about the klitah of Ethiopan Jews into Israel.
  • 5:00 a walking tour of Old Tz’fat and a visit to the Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue
  • 8:00 arrival at the Ramot Hagolan hotel.

And now the impressions…. Continue reading